Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Favorite Things

I have joined Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap!

I will be partnered up with another blogger and swap a package with our favorite things. I am excited to be a part of this for a couple of reasons:

#1 Dandelion Wishes is a blog I have enjoyed for while, Mamarazzi is a strong woman and I respect her for organizing this swap after everything she has been through this year.

#2 I love the sense of community that blogging and the Internet can have. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and getting to know them. This swap really is one of my favorite things!

I will update more as more becomes known to me.

Valentines Day and Emergency Contacts

Let’s imagine for a moment.

A fun Valentines Day morning, I woke up early to go to the store for some berries to complete our “heart-healthy” Valentines breakfast. While I was out I picked up a small bunch of wildflowers for the table. When I got home I made breakfast. Whole-wheat French toast made with 2 eggs whites, 1 egg, skim milk and agave nectar.

For Valentines I had attempted to give Dear Hubby a valentine everyday for 14 days leading up to V-Day. I didn’t quite make it but here is a run down of what I did:

“I am nutz 4 U” on a can of almonds
“I ‘chews’ U” with a package of gum
“U R my sweetie-pie” on a small pie
“I have a ‘crush’ on you” attached to a bottle of Crush soda

Then I had to go to Colorado for my Sister-in-Laws baby shower and that messed up the flow but when I got home I resumed with:

“U R so HOT” with a bottle of hot sauce
“U make my heart glow” with glow sticks
I made little paper fortune cookies that said “I am ‘fortune-ate’ to have you”
“You Rock” I wanted pop-rocks for this one but they are so hard to find, instead I found a rock in a gift shop.
“I love you a latte” with a new coffee cup
When I was in Colorado I had picked up a book 1000 Places to See before You Die, I gave that to him with a handwritten note.

On V-Day, I gave the Rapscallion a card, a small box of chocolates and a little bear that said “Happy Valentines Day” for Dear Hubby I gave him a card, a box of chocolates (that said “you are too sweet too me!”) and a Hayes manual for our truck with a note that said “You drive me wild!” It was a great day, we went on a bike ride, and we had Chinese take-out for dinner and watched TV in the evening with the Rapscallion before bed.

Last night was the evening for Dear Hubby and I to celebrate together, we went to a little Italian place that we love. We had Cioppinni, which is an Italian seafood stew and crème brulee for dessert. I was a wonderful quiet evening, just what we needed.

When we got home, we were laughing and talking and when we walked in the door we discovered that Puppy Butt had eaten the remaining 4 chocolates that were in the Rapscallions box. I freaked out, I have always heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, I immediately “google” MY DOG ATE CHOCOLATE.

Turns out she is fine, but it dampened the evening. So for you my friends, here are some numbers you should keep handy in case of an emergency with your furry little babies:

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 1.888.426.4435

National Animal Poison Control Center 1.800.548.2423

if you need to speak to a veterinarian there, this service will be billed to a credit card. An alternate number is (900) 680-0000. A veterinarian's services on this line will cost a flat fee for the first five minutes, and an additional fee per minute for each additional minute. These charges will be billed to your phone bill. (Call them for current pricing)

Kansas State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital 1.785.532.5679

FREE 24 hours poison control hot line for pet owners and veterinarians. Be patient. The person answering the phone may have to take a few minutes to consult the vet on duty.

Hope you all had a wonderful V-Day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

14 Days of Valentines Day 3

Dear Hubby loved the "I 'chews' you" valentine, I got a text from him at 5 a.m. that said "I chews you too" he loved that I snuck outside after he went to sleep to hide the valentine in his truck. It has been so fun to think of these little valentines and most of them are very, very affordable. Tomorrow's valentine "U R my sweetie pie" only cost me about $.60.

I got a little pie from the store and made the valentine, I attached it to a stick and stuck it in the little pie. I am going to place it in the fridge, with his keys so he will find it, I am leaving a note on his cell phone about where his keys are.

Someone also asked me how my hearts looked so nice, before anyone thinks that I am talented with a pair of scissors I should admit that I have a cricut. I got it for Christmas and it has been the coolest craft accessory I have ever gotten!
I can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeve for the next few days, I have a challenge because I will be out of town over the weekend and I am trying to think of sneaky ways to surprise him.

14 Days of Valentines!

I got this idea from a friend of mine, she guided me to Love Actually where I got a tons of ideas!
I am trying to leave Dear Hubby a little Valentine everyday until February 14th, nothing large or expensive but just little ways for him to know that I am thinking of him during the day.
I will try to take pictures and keep you guys up to date on the ideas, if you have any please leave me a comment it would be great to have a few extras!

I didn't have alot of time this morning, so excuse the glue you can see under the letters, on the "I am nuts 4 you" valentine. I left it for Dear Hubby on the counter, on top of a jar of almonds, I was at school when he came home and saw it. He said it made him laugh. I can't wait until he see what I have waiting in his truck for him tomorrow!

(his truck is pretty dusty, maybe I could clean it as a valentine... 'nahhhh, not until he fixes the squeaky belt on my truck)