Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hours in a Day

Overwhelmed, that is how I am feeling right now.

I am down to my last 6 weeks for this semester (budget cuts mean no summer school) I will return to being a student in the fall. While I am excited and proud to be at this point, I am also stressed, the work is getting harder and we have begun practicing on each other in our labs.

Which on a side note, have I mentioned how wonderful my lab partner is? She is, we will call her Hummingbird, she rocks for a variety of reasons, the least of which is allowing me to stick my fingers in her mouth and quasi-gag her a few time on Monday while trying to take an impression of her teeth. She is a good sport and honestly becoming a good friend.

Work is good, I am over the initial nervousness but now I am faced with knowing a little but not enough to always feel totally confident on the selling floor. The management team at my store has been really supportive and it makes learning and working a very pleasant experience.

But it still takes time; I am lucky to be working but the added hours along with studying, homework, driving, sleeping, showering, eating, and trying to tread water as a housekeeper, wife and stepmum leave me quite exhausted.

I know this blog is suffering, its not that I am not thinking about you, writing blogs while I should be straightening out tables of undergarments. Reminding myself to remember this funny story that happened in class to share with you. Text messaging myself random dental facts that I think you would like to hear about. You guys are on my mind often but then I get home and all the activity of the day leaves me overwhelmed and I have to sit quietly and let the buzzing trickle out of my brain enough for me to get some sleep to start over the next day.

I will try to make you guys a priority one day a week, I would love to show you the flowers we planted, or how we are redoing the Rapscallions bathroom (a project I was trying to finish before the in-laws arrived) since super-sister-in-law is arriving tomorrow I am hoping that they are ok with my half finished projects because once they get here I want to spend all my time cuddling with their finished project, my little nephew.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Short Post

I had so much fun with Mamarazzi's swap I have decided to do another one, fly on over to ShortMama's at a Family of Shorts and get involved! You never know you could be paired with me!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I was a part of Mamarazzi's Favorite Things swap this week, during the swap we were paired up with another blogger. We were supposed to fill a box with our favorite things, it should reflect who we are as people and as bloggers, it should be a box we would be thrilled to open. I mailed it This week to my swap buddy Roxane from It Really Is, All About Me.
I got her package on Tuesday, she is a planner and knew she would be out of town, so she thought ahead and mailed her package on Friday before heading to DC. I don't plan ahead quite the same and I got it to the post office but missed the Saturday truck, so I have been waiting for confirmation from Roxane that she received my package. I thought it would be fun to publish our post in a similar time fashion.

This was sitting and waiting for me Tuesday

Just a peek inside

Look at her attention to detail! So cute!

1. Seven with Brad Pitt, yummy! Nothing with him in it could ever scare me.

2. Roxane said every queen needs a mirror, every good Wikked Stepmother needs a mirror also!

3. Eyelash curler, wonderful beauty pick and one of my favorites. If you aren't using one go out and buy one... right now!

4. A guide to visiting Disney World, so many fantasy, reading it is like a mental vacation.

5. List, list, list, lists, living with adult ADD has make me a compulsive lister, I love pretty paper to list on.

6. Lavender body wash, smells great and so relaxing!

7. Burt's Bee's energizing soap, I had never used this before the swap and I have found a new favorite, I love the smell and the way it makes me feel so clean!

8. Oops, I mixed up 3 and 8... 3 was a box of nerds... hey if you are what you eat (I am cheap and easy)

9. Burt's Bee's chapstick, love, love, love it!

10. Chocolate

11. More chocolate

12. A brown Pashmina, apparently Oprah owns one also, I am styling!

13. A little gnome friend who is now living in the Pothos of friendship!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

USPS - It's Complicated

If my blog were a facebook account this would be the post wherein I change my relationship status with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to "it's complicated".

I have a real love/hate thing going on with my local post-office. I really like the people that work there, it is less than 1/2 a mile from my house and they have an Automated Postal Center (APC) for days when I just need to grab stamps. But they are also "seeing" other people in my neighborhood ('hood) on a regular basis and that makes me uncomfortable. I know the kind of people that live just on the other side of the main street and I don't want to be lumped in with that bunch. Not that I am being snobby and think I am so much better, I just shower regularly and don't talk to the ceiling tiles when visiting with my local USPS.

Last week I had to mail a package, I dropped by USPS to see what was up. They were busy and I am not known for being needy in a relationship so it was cool. I stood in line to use the APC; there were about 3 people in front of me and I was soon joined by a 65+ year old woman who was wearing a long blond "Dolly" wig, blue contact lens and false eyelashes at 3 in the afternoon. I was taken a little aback, I didn't know this was a formal occasion, I worried that I was under dressed. My older friend reassured me that she was cool with the kids as we talked about tattoos
(a side effect of having visible tattoos is conversations about tattoos with people who you may not always have thought about having a conversation about tattoos with)
She shared with me the stories behind her tattoos, she had roses like Cher and a likeness of her son who passed away. I also learned that she liked cats, knew about computers and was comfortable using a "check card" I started to have some misgivings about USPS's choice to spend time with her but then I felt bad for judging.

It was my time with the APC, I made my selections but quickly found out that the scale wasn't registering any weight. I was nicely reminded that there were people standing in line behind me, I must have lost track of time gazing at the APC, a helpful neighbor of mine pointed out that I should stop hitting "accept weight" because I might confuse the machine (no way it was her correct use of the English language that confused APC, it was me, hitting a button) so even though I waited for more than 15 minutes to have some alone time with APC I was forced to consider standing in the line which now stretched out the door.

Frustrated I left, I feel horrible for admitting this but I feel like USPS almost drove me into the arms of UPS (does anyone else think it is weird that all the UPS commercials feature a song by the "Postal Service"?) I had to go to UPS to have my needs taken care of but I came back to USPS this week.

I went to USPS to mail a package this week, I was hesitant, the line looked long again and my neighbors seemed even more disturbing than normal. I am convinced that the rain in Las Vegas drives people crazy, we just don't know how to deal with any weather that isn't HOT! or COLD and WINDY!

I stood in line when a nice postal worker pointed out that I could use APC, I was nervous, I had been embarrassed in front of everyone just last week! I shouldn't have gotten worked up, APC always takes care of me. I sent my package for Mamarazzi's swap away easily and quickly.

For now I haven't given up on USPS, I just wish we could be exclusive.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I have reached mid-term in my classes. Today I have a test, a home care/plaque control assignment due, extra credit on dental cements and 3 labs due. Tomorrow I have a test in my Integrated Science class, Thursday I have a test in my Introduction to Dental Assisting class.

I have so much I want to update you guys on, Mamarazzi's swap is this week, I can't wait for my swap buddy to get her box! I can't wait to share all my favorite things. The Rapscallion was sick last week and stayed here on Wednesday, usually my one day every other week that I have time to myself, Dear Hubby stayed home to take care of him. I have had more work done on my tattoo, once it stops feeling flaky I will get you guys some pictures. Loads of dental facts I would like to share, I got to observe a dental office on Tuesday, it was awesome!

I will update by Wednesday, sorry this is short and for the absence I will make it up to you